Building IoT devices means creating innovation and value. To ensure that value over time, IoT devices must be updatable. However, adding an over-the-air update capability to an IoT device firmware is a big challenge. On top of that, a cloud-based infrastructure to manage and securely deliver firmware updates to IoT devices is required which is a completely different story. Both are essential aspects to make your IoT product idea a success on the market.

FotaHub is a universal cloud-based firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update service. It enables you to dramatically cut down effort, time and cost to get your IoT devices ready and evolve them over the whole product lifetime. Just concentrate on your IoT product's main features and capabilities. Rely on FotaHub to get them over-the-air updated in a breeze.

Get started right away

FotaHub is designed to keep all the underlying complexity and infrastructure headache away from you. It provides the bits and pieces to get you started quickly and let secure FOTA updates become an easy-to-do task.

  • Use the FotaHub Device SDKs to create FOTA-enabled firmware
  • Upload firmware binaries, keep track of firmware versions, create releases, share and collaborate with others
  • Hook up your CI/CD system to automate the whole process
  • Update IoT devices in whichever physical location by letting them securely download and apply selected new firmware versions

It’s easy and quick. Simply sign up and get going.

Cross-platform, vendor-independent

The diversity of existing and upcoming IoT devices is immense. Many of them are more powerful edge devices which are typically based on Linux and act as gateways between an IoT system and some IoT cloud or backend. Others are much smaller edgeless devices that are built on microcontrollers and feature a direct connection to the IoT cloud. There is also a great variety of IoT cloud platforms ranging from the offerings of well-known big players to emerging solutions from innovative startups.

FotaHub is agnostic. It is a universal hub open to any kind of IoT device and IoT cloud platform. Both edge and edgeless devices are supported. FotaHub can deliver firmware updates for any microcontroller type or manufacturer. Even devices with multiple microcontrollers from different vendors can be handled.

Embedded Device SDKs

In order for an IoT device to receive updates from FotaHub, the firmware running on it must be enabled to play its part in the process. More precisely, the IoT device firmware must become able to open a secure connection to FotaHub, download and store new firmware versions and finally launch them.

To facilitate and accelerate the creation of updatable IoT device firmware, FotaHub offers dedicated embedded device SDKs. They include an easy-to-use FotaHub client library along with examples illustrating how the latter can be integrated in real applications. The FotaHub device SDKs can either be downloaded as ZIP archive or cloned from GitHub. A great deal of embedded and general-purpose IoT device platforms is supported including Linux®, Windows®, Raspberry Pi, Arduino®, STM32®, ESP32®, ESP8266®, SimpleLink™, NXP®, Microchip®, and more.

Fully secure

Security is one of the most prevalent aspects of IoT, already during normal operation. It becomes even more significant when an IoT device is updated and its firmware gets rewritten partly or entirely. Secure FOTA updates therefore are extremely critical and complex to achieve, especially on microcontroller-based edgeless devices. Due to the lack of required know-how and easily accessible infrastructure in many cases, countless IoT devices end up carrying out FOTA updates in unsecure ways and expose their users to considerable risks.

FotaHub brings fully secure FOTA updates to all devices. The distribution of firmware updates is made via HTTP over SSL/TLS which guarantees strong authentication and encryption. Additionally, firmware binary checksums or signatures can be used to ensure the consistency and authenticity of firmware updates. To support this mode of communication even on resource-constraint edgeless devices, FotaHub offers a worldwide unique set of SSL/TLS extensions that help to bridge the huge gap between the embedded device-side world and the IT/cloud universe.

Scale as you grow

FotaHub is a cloud-based firmware update repository and provisioning service. Its serverless architecture is highly flexible and scalable. Millions of firmware updates can be delivered to edge and edgeless devices in parallel and worldwide.

The "as you grow" idea is also the fundamental principle behind FotaHub's pricing model. An intelligent mix of free and pay-as-you-go plans allow users to keep their cost under control and pay only for what they actually use.

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Working with FotaHub

Create your first product.

Start with creating a product in FotaHub in just a few steps. A product represents the type of IoT device FotaHub shall deliver firmware updates to.

Upload new firmware versions.

Populate your project with firmware versions. Either manually through the web UI or automatically by hooking up the CI/CD system you use to build new firmware versions. FotaHub also provides a growing number of upload plugins for major embedded coding IDEs.

Keep track of all firmware versions.

Look up secure download URLs and binary checksums or signatures for every firmware version. Safely test and re-upload new firmware version snapshots as needed. Promote finished firmware versions to releases.

Collaborate with others.

Organize your products by creating groups. Share individual products or entire groups with others. Decide who gets access to what and with which permission level.